‘Through his work as a painter, and through the example he has set as a leader and teacher, Alan Lawson has been a major influence on the revival of representational painting. He has stood for real aesthetic values’  (2015 May) Today’s Masters. Fine Art Connoisseur, 55-59.

detail self portrait

Alan J Lawson is an award winning Scottish artist, known for his sensitive portraits and landscape paintings. Working predominantly as an oil painter, but also sculpting in clay and wax, his work is heavily influenced by the details and rhythms of the natural world.

Recent interviews, press, and panel discussions below:

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 Recent Awards and Publications

Portrait Society of America (2nd Merit, 2015)

Bridport Poetry Prize (Shortlist 2014)

Bare Hands Poetry

Portrait Society of America (5th Honourable Mention 2014)

Plein Air Salon (2013)

Portrait Society of America (3rd Merit 2012)

Plein Air Salon (2012)